Sitting in Church on Christmas Morning…

December 27, 2011 // 6 Comments

I attend church service once per year… on Christmas morning because my mother goes. When I was in school, I sat in church every Thursday for 14 years. That’s a long time. But I have not been in this habit since 1991.

Although I was raised Episcopalian, my mother’s family is Catholic but the two faiths’ services are essentially the same save for a few phrases and use of Latin.

Seeing What You Want: Taliban Imposter Desires Peace

November 27, 2010 // 4 Comments

People will generally do what they want to do and won’t do what they won’t want to do. So if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard back from your friend after a month of trying to reach them it’s probably because they don’t want to call you. Likewise, people generally “see” what they want to see in any given situation based on preconceived notions. Such was the case with the faux Taliban saying he wanted to negotiate peace with the West.

I do admit that my preconceived notions regarding the Taliban and their desire for “peace” made me question what was going on when the so-called Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour met with NATO and Afghanistani officials.

In an article from May of 2009 titled You Can’t Appease Terrorists, I pointed out that President Obama’s peace overtures to the Taliban were met by this statement by spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid:

Today, We Honor Our Brave Veterans

November 11, 2010 // 9 Comments

The end of World War I used to be known in the United States as Armistice Day. Since World War II, it has been called Veteran’s Day, thus obscuring its original meaning.

World War I was the first modern war and World War II will perhaps be the last modern war for the next war will likely be our final one as a civilization.

We as a civilization must never glorify nor demonize war but, rather, recognize that it must remain the necessary option for a free people in order for us to continue our way of life against those who would seek to destroy us.

Putting politics aside for the day, Capitol Commentary honors all of our nation’s service personnel, past and present for, without them we would not enjoy the freedoms which we have today.

For Democrats, “Islamophobia” is the New Racism

August 22, 2010 // 30 Comments

Democrats have been trying to place the Racism game pretty hard for the past three years with little success. They thought they had scored when Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (who is black) was arrested by a white police officer but unfortunately for them it didn’t pan out. They tried again with the Tea Party but “proof” white people spat on blacks didn’t pan out. They have tried again when people have voiced concerns about Obama’s policies but that was a no go and they thought they had it when headlines that whites aren’t supporting Obama appeared only to have those hopes dashed when it came out that poor people of all races felt the same way.

Time to get a new hunting dog.