Having a Personal Relationship with Obama and Jesus

December 23, 2011 // 4 Comments

I won’t lie… discussing religion is not something I particularly enjoy but this article has been bumped too many times to simply go unpublished.

Perhaps because Christmas is upon us the past 10 days turned into “Religious Week in Review” here at Capitol Commentary. We’ve rarely had so many articles on god which is ironic considering I don’t believe in him but I’ve been trying to do my best despite this.

To Be an Unbeliever?

April 27, 2011 // 41 Comments

I regularly read the blogs of those who post here. After all, if they’ve taken the time to visit and share their thoughts I feel I should do the same. It’s also an good way for me to learn about other stories or ideas floating around out there. And so with Easter having been a few days ago, most blogs contained an Easter message of some sort. Except for some articles on the politics of Islam, I have rarely delved into the topic of religion. Today I shall do some “delving.”

There is a massive amount of prejudice in the world towards what I would call a Silent Group and that would be the “Unbelievers” or, as they are commonly known, Atheists. Atheism evokes powerful images of a loner who rejects things, doesn’t believe in things, has given “up search for Truth in deference to gaiety of heart” as one visitor here wrote on their blog. People who don’t believe in God have no moral compass and possess dangerous ideas.