Link Trade

If you have a website that you feel may be of interest to my readers, please be in touch so that we might be able to exchange links.

Your website does not need to necessarily be about politics nor does it have to be in agreement with the views and opinions expressed on this site (I encourage all well written opinions) however it does have to serve the interests of my readers and vice-versa.

I try to be fairly selective regarding adding links only because I feel that websites which have 100 links to other blogs do those sites a disservice.  Let’s be honest about it, nobody is going to look through 100 links to find the website they might like.

If your website is new and you’re not getting many comments, please don’t be discouraged, I may link you anyway if I find your content interesting (or if you post here regularly).

If you link to Capitol Commentary I will be more inclined to link to your site but I regularly review sites that link to me and if Capitol Commentary has been de-linked I will also remove the link on this end.

Finally, the links I place on this website are on the main page.  If you link to this website and I am to reciprocate, the link on your site must also be on the first page.

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