Barack Obama, the Ill Mannered President of the United States

June 1, 2011 // 15 Comments

We expect more from our leaders. Common courtesy and a knowledge of diplomatic protocal shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it? Some will see this as petty partisan politics but it’s not.

One thing that’s bothered me about President Obama is his seemingly complete lack of regard for… manners. Last year Obama was bowing to every foreign leader he met. Perhaps he thought he was being polite? Many, including me, read his bowing as a sign that a U.S. president is humble in front of others – including exhibiting subservience which is unacceptable.

The Gaul of France’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Socialist

May 18, 2011 // 6 Comments

DSK apparently had a history with the ladies including a 2002 incident that went unreported and an affair with a married woman under his oversight (DSK is married, too). The chambermaid he is alleged to have sexually attacked herself is a single mother after her husband died. The attack was violent enough for police to find blood on the sheets. Authorities caught him just as his plane was preparing to take off for France, a country which does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S. (Just ask Roman Polanski).
The 7 count complaint, which may be seen on the Smoking Gun’s website, alleges rape (oral, vaginal, and anal) and forced imprisonment. DSK was in such a hurry to get out of the hotel when the “encounter” went South that he left his cell phone.

Obama and Mexico: We Will Not Allow U.S. Agents to Be Armed

March 5, 2011 // 10 Comments

There is no doubt that Mexico is teetering on the verge of becoming a failed state. Police chiefs are regularly murdered, often decapitated, violence rages, sometimes spilling over the border. Recently, a U.S. agent was murdered in Mexico. President Obama has vowed that American agents will not be allowed to carry firearms in Mexico.
Too bad U.S. personnel can already carry weapons in Canada.

So why not Mexico?

Back in 2009, an agreement took effect whereby Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the U.S. Coast Guard began working together to secure the border.

The Chinese Communist Propaganda Song Played at White House

January 28, 2011 // 2 Comments

Every ruling government has a song that is heavily identified with its ideology. For the United States, it is the Star Spangled Banner and the resiliance of the American spirit to not let our flag fall under enemy bombardment. The French have La Marseillais which, ironically considering their military performance for the previous 100 years celebrates sacrifice on the battlefield. Nazi German had the Horst Wessel Song about a man, Horst Wessel, who was murdered by a me

More than all the Tea in China

September 7, 2010 // 5 Comments

The United States is a debtor nation and China owns about $1.00 for every $10.00 of U.S. debt. Politicians might be very trendy today calling out U.S. banks for having been so reckless in their spending but, ironically, now China is doing the same thing to our politicians in Washington, D.C. China has always bought U.S. debt in the form of Treasury securities and now is the largest holder of U.S. debt in the world having recently surpassed Japan. One of the many differences between Japan being the largest U.S. debt holder and China is that we did not write China’s constitution and do not have military bases in their country. With the massive spending bill having been signed into law by President Obama ($787 billion and counting) China is getting antsy that America is squandering their resources:

“We have made a huge amount of loans to the United States. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I’m a little bit worried,” [Chinese Premier] Wen said at a news conference following the closing of China’s annual legislative session. “I would like to call on the United States to honor its words, stay a credible nation and ensure the safety of Chinese assets.”

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