The goal is simple: common sense analysis of politics.  We don’t employ smoke and mirrors, straw men, or double talk.  Just plain old looking at what’s going on and seeing if there’s any hypocrisy.

Capitol Commentary publishes at least six articles weekly out of San Francisco, Kalifornia.  Life in Liberaltopia is a great way to see why Liberalism doesn’t work.

We’ve been around since just after the inauguration of Barack Obama.  I grew tired of all of the cheerleading I saw on television, in the newspapers, and on the Internet.

This website is about one thing: Liberty… or the freedom to make good or bad decisions.

I grew up in Washington D.C. and have always taken an interest in politics and have never missed an opportunity to vote.

I have never been registered with any political party and never will be.

I have also never voted for anybody who was elected president.

The Left uses viscious tactics and the only way to respond to this is by using Truth and bleach to cleanse things.

I hope you enjoy the articles on this website.  Feel free to be in touch should you so desire.

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