Open Primary in Mississippi Allows Democrats to Vote for Incumbent Republican, Denying Tea Party Candidate Victory

Posted on Jun 25 2014 - 11:21pm by Harrison

Republican Congressman Thad Cochran was re-elected at an estimated 30,000 Democrats rushed to cast votes for him over Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel.  House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor was tossed out during his primary by a Tea Party candidate and it looked as is Cochran would meet the same fate – until Democrats came to his rescue.

Cochran likely thought he was a goner so he reached out to Democrats:

To enlarge the runoff electorate — which increased by more than 30,000 votes from the primary — Cochran and his allies expanded their outreach to blacks and Democrats who had not voted in the Democratic primary and were therefore eligible to vote on Tuesday. Mississippi does not register by party, so primaries and runoffs are open.

That appeared to work, as turnout surged in heavily black Hinds County by more than 7,000 votes and Cochran won it with 73 percent.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with a Republican relying on Democratic votes to beat his opponent.

Democrats would want to blunt any momentum the Tea Party has and the Republican “insiders” would want the same goal as well, to help slow down or prevent a shift in power away from their traditional circles.

But now that Cochran has won his primary – and he should win the final contest, too – what will other Republicans make of it?

Clearly he’ll be a leper of sorts as Conservatives view his re-election as being smoke and mirrors… which is what is wrong with Washington anyway.

There needs to be a purge of the Republican Party to bring in new blood, ideas, and revolution.  The old ways are clearly not working out and it is the American people who are coming up with the short end of the stick.