Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Thinks the Term “Illegal Alien” is “Insulting” (to Illegal Aliens)

Posted on Feb 4 2014 - 8:17pm by Harrison

Back in the old days when we used words in specific ways you had you Resident Alien and your Illegal Alien.  The Resident Alien was from another country but had legal documentation allowing them to be, well, legal.  Then you had the other kind of Alien (the “illegal” kind).  That person was also from another country but they were without legal documentation and were, thus, illegally in the country.

Liberals dislike the term “illegal alien” because it makes a judgement about somebody and that’s just not very nice, is it?  After all, someone who broke laws to come to this country isn’t a bad person… they just want a better life and that pesky immigration law is just inconvenient and keeping them from that better life.  And we all know that a country’s borders are the result of some war in the past and California and Texas really should be Mexico’s anyway so let’s just look the other way.

Welcome to the Liberal world.

Pot is legal but sodas aren’t and a Supreme Court justice thinks that calling someone an “illegal alien” will hurt their whittle feelings:

“To call them illegal aliens seemed and does seem insulting to me,” Sotomayor reiterated in her second appearance Monday, at the Yale Law School.

The point at which a majority of society believes those in power are not fair is when that society falls.

The term “illegal alien” is no more insulting than saying Barack Obama is a man or that the White House is white.

And yet Sotomayer thinks the term is insulting.

This is a person who is charged with the responsibility of determining the Constitutionality of our nation’s laws?

Whether it is Susan Rice spounting off about a YouTube video being responsible for what happened in Benghazi or Eric Holder seemingly applying his brand of “racial justice” while he has been Attorney General (Black Panthers case) or Hillarly Clinton not owning up to her failures while she was Secretary of State (or Obama telling Bill O’Reilly there was no IRS scandal it was Fox News’ fault) has not a clear pattern of deceit been estabishing by the Obama administration?

Justice Sotomayor will outlast President Obama and so will her mentality and her views will be the ones to help shape the laws under which all Americans live – as long as we respect them.

Illegal alien is insulting?

Illegal alien is insulting?

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  1. Joe Markowitz February 21, 2014 at 5:17 PM -

    Here is why it’s insulting Harrison. Suppose you committed murder. It would be ok to call you a murderer, or to say that you have committed an unlawful act (murder), but even if you were a a murderer, people probably would not call you an illegal. We would still acknowledge your humanity even if you committed the worst possible crime. So why when someone has broken the immigration laws, would we define them as illegal, and thereby deny their humanity to some extent, rather than defining them as people who have overstayed their visas, or who entered the country illegally?

    And the argument applies even more strongly to young people. Suppose your parents had brought you to this country when you were two years old, and had no memory or knowledge of your birthplace, and no understanding that your entry into this country was illegal. Suppose you grew up in this country, played by the rules, did nothing wrong all that time. Would you not be insulted to be referred to as an illegal? Of course you would.
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    • Harrison February 22, 2014 at 11:27 PM -

      You break the law you’re a law breaker. Don’t want to be called an illegal immigrant? Don’t break the law.