“Global Warming” In the Age of Cold Temperatures

Posted on Jan 7 2014 - 11:00pm by Harrison

In the 1970s the Earth was cooling.  In the early-2000s the Earth was warming.  Now, if it is warm or cold outside it’s… Climate Change!

And it’s man’s fault.

And you should write a check to pay for it.

So we hear it’s not about weather it’s about climate.  So this explains away any shift in temperatures… whether it rains or not whether it is hot or not.  Becauase 97% of scientists agree…

But that has been debunked.

Here is some temperature data for you:


Did those “warm periods” happen because the Romans were driving around SUVs and belching out Carbon Dioxide?

Do we see any relationship between sunspot activity and temperatures?


We all know it’s about wealth transfer not weather.

Liberals want to tax us and spend our money on social programs or to give to Third World nations to “make up” for us “destroying” the climate.  Of course, those nations are poor because they are ruled by despots who tightly control their corrupt economies, but what are those details amongst friends?