The Left’s Reaction to the Right’s Reaction to Nelson Mandela’s Death

Posted on Dec 6 2013 - 10:18pm by Harrison

Former South African president Nelson Mandela died on Thursday at the age of 95.  While there is little doubt that he lived a long, interesting life and helped to shape the modern world, the fact is he never renounced the violence he instigated before he became president.  Mandela sought help from countries such a the Soviet Union, Libya, and Cuba.  He was pro=Palestinian and anti-Israel.  But, in death, Liberals sought to whitewash the man’s history.

Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela were black fighting for equality for blacks.  Both men lived in societies that were segregated.  King took the path of non-violence while Mandela did not.

And yet the excuses I’ve heard from Liberals is that Mandela did what any person would have done in his place… that how his society was structured was to blame for his seeking out violent means to solve problems.

But Martin Luther King, Jr. provides an opposite example.  Liberals dismiss him because it is inconvenient.

Another popular refrain I heard from the Left was that Conservatives bringing up Mandela’s past were doing so because they are racist and want to tarnish the reputation of a famous black man.

Liberals resort to this tactic, of course, to silence anything that dislike.  And bringing up the facts is something which Liberals dislike.

When confronted with photos of Mandela shaking the hands of bloodthirsty dictators like Fidel Castro, Liberals simply reply that Mandela was only trying to get help for his people.  Mandela might have been seeking support from Communist dictators to help his “people” however those nations were only assisting him to gain influence in South Africa which not only has a strategic location but also a huge arms industry.  And Mandela’s de facto endorsement of these dictators helped to lend them legitimacy and strengthen their hand.

I learned of Mandela’s death while at the gym and Anderson Cooper’s show as on the television as I was doing my workout.  Expecting the worst, I learned how the story of Mandela was whites hating blacks and how Mandela “rose above” that.

His ideology was completely ignored, probably because Leftists sympathize with Communists.

But to the average viewer, Mandela’s life would seem to have been some mythical figure who never did any harm.

The realty is far from that.

I’m not saying Mandela was an evil man, but he wasn’t the Goody Good Two Shoes our media would have us believe.