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Wacky Wednesday: Gitmo Closes (Not the Prison Camp, the Office in Charge of Closing the Prison Camp)


Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried had a tough job: convincing other nations to take in Gitmo inmates.  Seems that his job was so tough he was re-assigned and, as such, the Gitmo Gitmo office was closed.

But the prison camp in Cuba is still open.

Remember when then candidate Obama promised he’s close the camp?  Remember the first day he took office, to much applause, he signed orders to close it?

Well, it’s still open.

Republicans wanted the camp to stay open.

We don’t want terrorists brought to the U.S where they will gain new rights and could tie up the courts system for years and force confidential information to be turned over to their lawyers or release them.

But the closing of the Gitmo office is yet another example of absurd, idealist Liberal policies and the lack of serious protests by Obama’s supporters have illustrated, once again, how unfair and unbalanced Obama voters are.

We had protests, marches, headlines, and talking points about how Gitmo was a stain upon America.

We heard lots of talk about how America’s “moral authority” in the world had been eroded because of Gitmo.

And the fact that Obama expended so much time and political capital pledging to close the camp only to simply drop it shows the fickleness and cynicism of his campaign and of the man himself.

He tarnished this nation’s good name to score political points and then, despite claiming to moral high ground, dropped the issue and moved on to the next big thing… blaming Rush Limbaugh or the NRA.


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  1. Steve Dennis says:

    Funny how the Democrats and the voters no longer seem to care that GITMO remains open, isn’t it?
    Steve Dennis recently posted..The Bob Menendez sex scandal and media bias

  2. The reason that Guantanamo remains open is not that Obama just dropped the idea, or that liberals no longer think it is a good idea to close it. The reason is that Congress passed a statute that forbids the president from closing the camp.

    If you’re in favor of keeping the camp open, you should look at that as the triumph of democracy and the people’s will as expressed by Congress. It has nothing to do with fickleness of the president. But the president is not all powerful in our system.
    Joe Markowitz recently posted..Gabby Giffords

    • Harrison says:

      Welcome back, Joe.

      Technically, you are correct however isn’t it interesting that control of Congress is divided and yet that resolution passed?

      President Obama managed to convince his party to get the stimulus done and to get Obamacare done but he couldn’t kill interest in that resoltution?

      If we’re honest with ourselves we’ll see that Obama’s “moral crusade” to close Gitmo was nothing more than a cynical campaign ploy that contained no substance… sort of like his presidency.

  3. No question there are lots of Democrats who are in favor of keeping Gitmo open. And public opinion is divided on the issue. So it is an issue that Obama is out in front of his party on. Sort of like when George Bush wanted to privatize Social Security but there were lots in his own party who were not so hot on the idea. So the idea went nowhere. But I believe George Bush was sincerely in favor of his idea, and that Obama was and probably still is in favor of closing Guantanamo. I think that is the opposite of cynical. It’s idealistic.

    As for why public opinion still favors keeping open this secret prison off our shores, don’t you think it is kind of sad that a lot of people seem to need to believe that we are holding these super-powerful evil masterminds who are so dangerous they cannot be contained in a normal prison, sort of like a bunch of Lex Luthors or Bains. We have a need for a fearsome enemy, and these pathetic creatures we are holding on the island of Cuba will have to do until some even scarier enemies come along.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t any bad guys in this bunch, by the way. Some of them are really bad guys. But they are not super-human.
    Joe Markowitz recently posted..Gabby Giffords

    • Harrison says:

      Joe, Bush didn’t make privatizing Social Security a moral issue as Obama (and his party) did with Gitmo. Please, don’t insult my intelligence.

      People do not want these prisoners housed here for the security issues and, most likely, for the Constitutional protections they would then enjoy.

      If you’re going to make it a moral issue then you really need to fight until your dying breath to make it happen… unless it was simply just politics, anyway.