On Shootings (Connecticut and Otherwise)

Posted on Dec 15 2012 - 12:38pm by Harrison

Any normal person will agree that some people will always do bad things, including murdering other people and that most people will never murder someone else.  We can also agree that stopping a determined person is close to impossible.  Determination allows people to escape from prison camps, win marathons, and commit extraordinary acts of violence.

So the elementary school shooting which took place yesterday and resulted in 26 deaths has brought about new calls for restrictions on gun ownership and calls for increased carrying of handguns.

The pro and anti-gun camps square off once again when something bad happens and the end result is largely nothing.

The debate itself is stupid and here’s why…

The United States is still one of the most open and free societies on Earth and we are not set up to deal with the errant “bad apple.”  And unless we are talking about police states like what existed in the U.S.S.R. with the KGB looking over everybody’s shoulder, there is no way to, either.

If 1 person out of 311 million decides to go “crazy” and shoot up a movie theater, school, church, or blow up a Federal building or drive their car into a crowd of people there is little society can do.

The “information”in “information age” makes it seem like we can know, understand, and direct anything but people are irrational and unpredictable and you can’t plan for that.

Liberals say “ban guns” but in England they’re banned and gun crime there is up 35% this year:

Criminals used handguns in 46% more offences, Home Office statistics revealed.

Firearms were used in 9,974 recorded crimes in the 12 months to last April, up from 7,362.

It was the fourth consecutive year to see a rise and there were more than 2,200 more gun crimes last year than the previous peak in 1993.

Or what about in Communist China where a knife wielding man killed 1 and wounded 22 children… with a knife:

A knife-wielding man injured 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in central China as students were arriving for classes Friday, police said, the latest in a series of periodic rampage attacks at Chinese schools and kindergartens.

This happened on the same day as the Connecticut school shooting and the article points out that a knife wielding man murdered 8 people in China in 2010.

Or what about Switzerland which has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world.  Despite all the guns floating around gun violence is very rare:

Police statistics for the year 2006 records 34 killings or attempted killings involving firearms, compared to 69 cases involving bladed weapons and 16 cases of unarmed assault. Cases of assault resulting in bodily harm numbered 89 (firearms) and 526 (bladed weapons).

Why is it rare in Switzerland?  Because it’s the person not the gun that determines what happens and as the shooting in Connecticut shows, you can’t plan for the exception nor should society be forced to live by it, either.

A school in Israel.

A school in Israel.

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  1. edge of the sandbox December 16, 2012 at 9:16 PM -

    Our district superintendent called all parents with pre-recorded message about how they have an evacuation plan, etc. Totally pathetic. We are in a former navy town. Surely they can find a few individuals who know how to handle guns and give them jobs in elementary schools.
    edge of the sandbox recently posted..Happy 8th Night of Hanukkah!