Right to Work Spreads to Democratic Michigan!

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 4:09pm by Harrison

Although it didn’t have all of the drama of Wisconsin with its Big Union fake protests and 24/7 news coverage, Republicans in the state legislature managed to pass Right to Work legislation.  Democrats, as they did in Wisconsin, walked out:

The Michigan House and Senate each passed controversial right-to-work legislation today, amid loud protests and a walkout by Democratic legislators.

The state House passed the first right-to-work bill late this afternoon in a 58-52 vote, but that bill can’t move on to the Senate until the next session day — possibly Friday, if a session is scheduled — because of a procedural move by Democrats who are asking that the vote be reconsidered. The state Senate voted 22-16 to pass a right-to-work bill.

This “walk out” tactic was tired, and failed, in Wisconsin.  In states like Texas it was popular for Democrats to go into hiding to avoid a vote.

Such are the cowardly ways of the Democrats.

Democrats accused Republicans of holding the vote now, in the so-called “lame duck” session because next year, when newly elected representatives take their seats the votes won’t be there.

The bill itself seems to be fairly common sense:

An individual shall not be required as a condition of obtaining or continuing employment to … pay and dues, fees, assessments or other charges or expenses of any kind … or provide anything of value to a labor organization.

Republicans want to crush Big Union because their membership dues are used, overwhelmingly, to support Democratic candidates and because Big Union can restrict the power of companies to work out their own labor costs.

Unlike Wisconsin, Michigan police prevented protesters from streaming into the capitol building.

In less than 9 hours the bill went through the House and the Senate, which passed a similar measure, is expected to make final changes before sending it to the governor for his signature, a process which should finish next week.

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  1. Steve Dennis December 6, 2012 at 5:29 PM -

    This is the only place I have seen this, good find! Is there any word on what the governor will do?