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Keeping Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Seat Black


To Liberals, everything is either racist or an opportunity to make it seem racist to shut up somebody you don’t like.  So when a Congressional seat goes from having a white office holder to a black one, it’s a sign – according to Liberals – of America becoming a more “diverse” and “tolerant” place.  But when a seat goes from a black back to a white… well that’s troubling…

Black leaders are growing increasingly worried that a white candidate might seize the seat of former Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson in the upcoming Illinois special election.

Losing Jackson’s seat would be a blow to the black establishment. Chicago, long a center of black cultural and political power — it’s the home of the first black president, Barack Obama, and the first black member of Congress in modern congressional history, Oscar De Priest.

Since everything is divided up by race, the perception is once a black takes a position, it must always stay black, otherwise there will be a huge setback:

“The battle we have is that we can’t afford to lose a black voice in Congress,” [said Delmarie Cobb, a longtime Democratic political consultant in Chicago who formerly worked for Jesse Jackson Jr.]. “It would be a terrible loss in many ways.”

The belief is that somehow a Hispanic, white, Asian, or Martian wouldn’t understand the “problems” blacks face as if their aspirations for a happy life are somehow completely different from anybody else in America.

The fact that there is even a Congressional Black Congress is racist.  And it’s not any blacks… it’s Liberal blacks that can be members.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. had to resign his seat due to mental health issues.

Imagine the press had whites worried that Ted Kennedy’s seat might have gone to a black man or woman.  Oh, the horror!

But blacks fretting a white might win a seat?

That’s okay.

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  1. LD Jackson says:

    The hypocrisy is astounding. Truly, far too many African-Americans are black first, and American last.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Democrats Refuse To Compromise On Spending

  2. Steve Dennis says:

    This is the sub divided America we now live in, you would think they would be happy as long as a Democrat wins the seat because he or she would most likely have the same policy beliefs as Jackson and that is what should be most important, but apparently that isn’t good enough.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..More questions than answers after three Republicans meet with Susan Rice over the Benghazi terrorist attack