Donald Trump Should Not Speak at the Republican Convention

Posted on Aug 19 2012 - 11:00pm by Harrison

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to anybody serious who publicly gets involved with him.  Trump is always in it for himself… to stoke his ego, to enrich his bank account, to boost his ratings, or just to put the other guy down.  That’s who he is and what he does and while the world is big enough to tolerate him, he does not belong at the Republican National Convention.

Latest case in point:

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump says that he is planning an “amazing” surprise in the opening moments of the Republican National Convention.

“I was asked to speak and I’m doing something else,” he told Fox’s Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. “It’s going to be quite exciting and hopefully quite amazing.”

He promised the surprise would be “quite exciting, quite good and very truthful.”

Generally, “surprise” is frowned upon in politics unless you’re announcing a budget surplus or a victorious election.

The Republican Party is probably having Trump speak because they feel he will bring a spirit of excitement and of “shaking-up” the status quo… that somehow people who waste their lives watching Celebrity Apprentice will watch the convention and vote for Romney.

Again, according to Newsmax:

As Newsmax reported last week, Trump told the Romney campaign that he relished the role he plays as an independent voice and believes his support of the Romney campaign could be served in ways other than a major speaking role at the convention.

Trump holds that “what will the idiot say next” fascination, much like watching Nascar because you know there’ll be a spectacular accident and you simply have to see it.

As national conventions have become more open to the media they have become less about smoky, backroom politics and more like extended infomercials but instead of hawking swamp land in Florida it’s how Timmy beat Cancer using Conservative principles or how Susan is much happier because she had 7 abortions and is driving a Toyota Penis and helping the environment!

Donald Trump reminds us all what the Republican Party would be like if it were marginalized and run by escaped clowns from Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey but, in a tough race with a mud slinging, dirty opponent whose policies are destroying the country, is Trump really the best person to hold the banner?

We think not.

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  1. LD Jackson August 20, 2012 at 1:09 AM -

    The part where he says it is going to be truthful worries me. Donald Trump firmly believes Obama is a fraud and was not born in the United States. While that may or may not be the truth, the last thing we need is for the GOP being marginalized because they bring the issue up at their convention. I can see no good coming from whatever stunt Trump has planned.
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    • Harrison August 21, 2012 at 11:22 AM -

      Dealing with Trump won’t produce anything positive… he’ll just turn it into a three ring circus.

    • Anon August 29, 2012 at 9:14 PM -

      Barack Obama is a citizen. There’s absolutely no two ways about it.
      For even some republicans to hold the position that Obama isn’t an American, is a complete embarrassment to the party.

  2. Steve Dennis August 20, 2012 at 2:58 AM -

    Hopefully Trump dosn’t turn the convention into a circus. You are right, he is always in whatever it is for himself and this is no different. I hope the GOP didn’t make a huge mistake attaching themselves to this clown.