Obama Acts Alone… Grants Amnesty to Illegals, Allows Them to Compete for Jobs When Unemployment is over 8% Nationally – Yes We Can!

Posted on Jun 15 2012 - 12:23pm by Harrison

In a clear case of partisan politics President Obama has decided to grant immunity from deportation – and work permits – to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.  Up to 800,000 illegal aliens will now be able to stay in the country and work legally.

With his back to the wall, trailing in key states like Michigan and Wisconsin, President Obama is going after the Hispanic vote.  But by allowing up to 800,000 more people into the labor force when the unemployment rate is at 8.1% he is going to make it harder for people here already legally to find jobs.

Clearly Obama is getting desperate.  Working Class people are going to be the ones hardest hit by this amnesty move and could very well turn against Democrats in the Fall.

These 800,000 will not get citizenship however they won’t have to fear deportation and will have work permits.

The president hopes they will become loyal Democratic Party supporters when they do get to vote.


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  1. Steve Dennis June 15, 2012 at 4:29 PM -

    If the government is saying the number is 800,000 we can probably double that and we would be more accurate. Your last sentence sums it all up, it is disgusting that as Americans are struggling to find jobs Barack Obama just made it harder for them to do so.
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  2. LD Jackson June 16, 2012 at 3:44 AM -

    There is really no other words for this, other than disgusting and certainly, unpatriotic. Obama is blatantly bypassing the Constitution and in doing so, he is giving the shaft to the American people.

    I don’t care if these people are illegal through no fault of their own, or if they have no criminal record. They are still illegal and should not be given such preferential treatment.
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