Don’t Re-Nig

Posted on Mar 19 2012 - 1:00am by Harrison

A few days ago a photo of  bumper sticker popped up online and, within hours, it was “all over” the Internet.  The sticker says “Don’t Re-Nig In 2012.”  The obvious meaning is not to re-elect Barack Obama because he is a nigger and re-electing him is “re-nigging.”

As is the case nowadays, there were the Liberals who said all Conservatives are racists and this proves it and then there were the Conservatives who said it must be a set-up.

The bumper sticker apparently was sold via a website called “Stumpy’s Stickers” (now offline) and when I did a Who-Is look-up on it the address was registered to a dental office in a strip mall in Bellvue, Washington.

Nobody knows any facts about this but that didn’t stop people from jumping to conclusions.

Anybody can make their own bumper sticker or set up their own store saying whatever they want for a few dollars each so it doesn’t take  lot of resources to create one.

To say that racism doesn’t exist in America would be foolish, illogical, and untrue in the same way it would be foolish to say that just because you’re a Liberal doesn’t mean you’re not a hypocritical misogynist (Bill Maher).

What I find so ironic about this entire episode is that people condemn the prejudice embodied by this bumper sticker and yet they use it to quickly confirm their own prejudice(s) about the group that they think was responsible: Republicans.

I am withholding judgement until more is known about who is behind this though whomever it is they deserve much scorn.

But don’t expect the media to do too much digging.

After all, we shouldn’t forget that Liberals and Journolists smeared the San Diego Tea Party by saying an alleged rapist and kidnapper was their spokesman (because that’s what he wrote on his website):

Lemon Grove resident Michael John Kobulnicky, 50, a leader in the San Diego Tea Party and former regional director of the Southern California Conservative Party, is under arrest for allegedly kidnapping and raping a local woman on Fiesta Island.

Liberals and Journolists have been constantly digging for some criminal Tea Party members upon which to crucify the movement (supposedly filled with racists, etc…).

News of this alleged rapist/kidnapping Tea Party spokesman was big news and spread everywhere (like the bumper sticker).  Occupy rapists are commonplace but since they don’t fit in with the Liberal/Journolistic narrative they go largely unreported.

But what happened with Michael Kobulnicky?

It was all made up… he left the movement months ago but Journolists never bothered to check the facts.

So we have a rush to judgement against Conservatives for “Don’t Re-Nig” because it plays into the narrative that Conservatives are racists even though there is no evidence that a Conservative was responsible.

My gut tells me this sticker was a plant that would quickly be picked up by Journolists and spread across the Internet but I have no proof so it’s idle speculation.

But if my gut is right it wouldn’t be the first time there was a set-up. After all the shots had barely been silenced at Democrat Gabby Giffords’ appearance in Arizona before Republicans were tried and convicted in the media for being bloodthirsty murders.

Oops… the shooter wasn’t a Republican he was a fan of the Communist Manifesto.

The subject was quickly changed.

“Don’t Re-Nig” is a deplorable message to spread but, until we know for sure who created it we shouldn’t try, convict, and hang anybody for it.


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  1. Steve Dennis March 19, 2012 at 3:01 AM -

    It is interesting to see how quickly the left and the media is willing to paint all conservatives with the same brush because of the actions of one man.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Barack Obama calls for an end to oil subsidies

  2. Michael Haltman March 19, 2012 at 4:23 AM -

    Common sense thinking Harrison. Therefore I would expect that it will be ignored and the Left and MSM will run with this story of Republican “racism”!

    Michael Haltman recently posted..Theo Spark: The Fear of Martial Law

    • Harrison March 19, 2012 at 8:39 AM -

      Who can pass up the chance to assume?

  3. LD Jackson March 19, 2012 at 4:39 AM -

    I am sure, in their infinite wisdom, the left will find some reason to blame this on conservatives. Obviously, the bumper sticker is in poor taste, but can we argue with its message?
    LD Jackson recently posted..Missouri Caucus Results Will Not Be Announced

    • Harrison March 19, 2012 at 8:38 AM -

      Ironically it is a parody of “renege” which would mean re-elect Obama.

  4. edge of the sandbox March 19, 2012 at 8:37 AM -

    IIRC don’t re-nig is pretty old. My high school girlfriend (from Russia, now in the Midwest) put something to this nature on her fb page. Everyone was outraged, but to her it was just a reference to his race, not a derogatory statement. I can pretty much vouch she’s not a racist. She’s foreign-born, of course, and has completely different mentality.
    edge of the sandbox recently posted..The S-word Resurfaces in the West Bank