ObamaNation: Afghanistan War Edition


If George W. Bush had been president and a U.S. soldier had gotten drunk and slaughtered 17 civilians can you just imagine the headlines!

Since we have a Democrat in the Oval Office not only is the price of gas or this story not interesting enough to publish but we all need to read about Peyton Manning instead.

Here’s this week’s ObamaNation:





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  1. Oh, wow. Another great Saturday post.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Missouri Caucus Results Will Not Be Announced

  2. Nice :-)

    Happy St Patties Day.

    Recipe tip:

    Take a shot glass. Fill bottom half with Jameson. The top half with Baileys Irish Cream. Drop into a 3/4 full pint glass of Guiness. Guzzle, don’t sip, as the Baileys will curdle.

  3. It took a lot of time for the world to see us the way my mentors did — bull’s eye!
    edge of the sandbox recently posted..The S-word Resurfaces in the West Bank

  4. I always see Bush’s name whenever there is some blaming to be done. I enjoyed the conversation, it is actually pretty funny.
    Carol recently posted..DTS Home

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