The Michele Bachmann Media Pile-On

Posted on Jul 31 2011 - 1:00am by Harrison

I’m no fan of Michele Bachmann and can’t see myself ever voting for her but I made my case based upon facts.  The media, on the other hand, plays by a different set of rules: Michele Bachmann gets migraines or has missed votes while campaigning.  This is the type of “serious reporting” going on in the press nowadays?

The Bachmann stories are like what the media did to Sarah Palin when she was nominated as John McCain’s VP… we heard she said you could see Russia from her kitchen window.  What Palin actually said was that you can see Russia from an Alaskan island.  The two islands, Big Diomede (Russia) and Little Diomede (United States) are close enough so that you can see one from the other.

It’s like that movie Lost in Translation except Palin was speaking the truth and the media wasn’t.

As some commentators pointed out, many U.S. presidents have suffered from migraines including Thomas Jefferson and as far as missing votes while on the campaign trail… well duh.

Some on the Right have it in for Bachmann.  The Daily Caller is the one that “broke” the story about Bachmann’s migraines.  Tucker Carlson, a Republican, is a co-founder of that website.

Republican presidential candidate (and Bachmann rival) Tim Pawlenty had to go out of his way by saying Bachmann’s headaches shouldn’t be an issue:

“I think it’s mostly a sideshow,” Pawlenty said on Fox News. “I’ve observed Congresswoman Bachmann. I’ve never seen her have a medical condition or impairment that would seem to be a concern.”

The trouble with throwing these types of “allegations” at a candidate, any candidate, is that it tends to dominate the headlines because people love fluff.  It is interesting that Liberals said that candidate Bill Clinton’s personal life didn’t matter while, when it comes to a Conservative like Bachmann whether she gets migraines or not is of importance.

What about the issues?

Since discussing relevant facts requires more knowledge, patience, and intellectual rigor we get fluff, instead.

Fluff is not going to solve this nation’s problems.  Fluff is not going to weed out the unsuitable candidates.  Fluff is not going to expose the truth.  Fluff is not going to get us anywhere or teach us anything useful.

I don’t think Bachmann will win the nomination and, fairly or not, I think Sarah Palin’s having been picked as VP will preclude Bachmann’s selection for this post, too.  She will likely be more known as the women who bumped Sarah Palin from the spotlight more so than as somebody who made it into the Executive Branch in the #1 or #2 spot.

I may not like Bachmann’s positions on policy matters and I may disagree with some of her personal views but I’m not going to take issue with how many votes she’s missed or whether she gets a headache every once in a while, either.

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  1. LD Jackson July 31, 2011 at 1:21 AM -

    Well said, Harrison. The media should be covering the real issues, ie. Bachmann’s stance on the issues, instead of how many and what kind of headaches she is having.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Downgrading The USA

  2. Steve Dennis July 31, 2011 at 5:22 AM -

    But fluff can get you elected and Obama is proof of that. :)
    It really is amazing at how far the media will go in an attempt to discredit both Bachmann and Palin and you have to wonder what it is about them that they hate so much. The media would not be concerned about Michele Bachmann’s migraines if her name were Michael Bachmann instead.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Harry Reid’s debt ceiling plan appears dead; do the Democrats want the United States to default?

  3. Jack Camwell July 31, 2011 at 9:01 AM -

    I dislike Bachmann, too, but like you it’s not based on all this crap that people throw out to discredit her. I just listen to her speak, claim that government needs a “common sense approach,” and I figure that she probably doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    I always wonder why the news media bothers with stories like these meant to debase presidential candidates. Who do they think they’re going to convince? The people that already like her will never be dissuaded, and the people that don’t like her don’t really need anymore reason to not like her.

    It just all seems very pointless.
    Jack Camwell recently posted..Behold the Fruits of the Fringe

  4. Derek Wain July 31, 2011 at 11:04 AM -

    The ad hominem attacks against Bachmann by the media jackals have boomeranged against the Left and hugely helped Bachmann.
    Whenever the press attacks Bachmann, she “gets a flood of support and money. She becomes ‘Every Woman,’ a misunderstood Tea Party mother of five facing down an elitist, arrogant, Obama-leaning press corps.” The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
    7/19/11 The Public Policy Polling national poll:Bachmann 21%; Mitt Romney 20%

    • Harrison July 31, 2011 at 11:43 AM -

      While I agree that attacking a candidate for petty things, which helps the person being attacked, Bachmann’s polling against Romney may say more about how weak he is versus her strengths. Romney polls poorly when people like Chris Christie or Rick Perry are thrown into the mix.

  5. eots August 2, 2011 at 7:23 AM -

    Palin can’t help herself but to respond to every attack, but MB lets the petty things go. Smart. There is a lot of things about MB that I don’t like, e.g. the ideas about homosexuality that she probably has, but I don’t see how this is relevant to her bid for the Oval Office. I would vote for her if nominated, although I doubt she will be nominated, particularly if Perry jumps in.
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