Another Liberal Myth Busted: Terrorists are Poor with Few Options

Posted on Sep 2 2010 - 1:00am by Harrison

Not poor sorry!

Liberals love to talk about how America is oppressing the poor around the world – economically, environmentally, socially, militarily.  Popular culture is filled with these messages.  The movie Syianna is an example.  A poor immigrant turns to terrorism because he has no other options.  He views the U.S. as being the demon in the world.  If only he were middle class, had a job, an education, and opportunities he would not blow himself up.

Just as a recent FBI crime report shows that even though gun ownership in the U.S. is at a record high but crime is decreasing so we have yet another Liberal myth busted – the poor “oppressed” terrorist.

Witness attempted bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  Sure, he grew up in a poor country, Nigeria, but he grew up in a nice house, his father had a great job (was one of the richest men in Nigeria), he went to the best schools:

“These young men were not children of the poor,” he says. “They came from privileged homes, they came from powerful homes, they came from homes of people that were holding high positions in government.”

This breed of Muslim activists, most of them educated and from the middle and upper class, aggressively embraced a stricter — and increasingly violent — version of Islam. The young Nigerians rebelled against the existing order of their rich and political well-connected parents in northern Nigeria.”

Liberals want Americans to dole out billions of dollars to help poor (and corrupt) nations confront the problem of “global warming” which they see as being caused by fat, greedy Americans.  They think that if they can knock the standard of living in the U.S. down a few notches and raise it in the Third World that terrorists will disappear because they will feel fully integrated into society and will turn away from terrorism (radical Islam actually).  We have heard this myth hundreds of times over from Liberals for more than two decades but, as with most Liberals beliefs, reality is slightly different.

Below is the classic rationalization:

This claim can frequently be heard by policy makers or others seeking to influence international aid and development policy in a way that will also positively affect counterterrorism efforts. Russell Ackoff, emeritus professor at the Wharton School of Business, put forth this view at a conference designed to promote private business’ role in combating terrorism:

The basic problem that spurs terrorism is misdistribution of wealth within the U.S. and around the world. “Awareness of this inequality is widespread because of communications,” [Ackoff has] noted. “We don’t understand how to close the gap, and the IMF and the World Bank often make matters worse.”

A recent study on the matter finds different results:

Terrorists have higher educations and incomes than expected Although study is still limited, the evidence that there is no simple, direct line from poverty to terrorism is persuasive. Analyses of terrorist activities in the last two decades consistently reveal that individuals who support and commit terrorist acts are likely to be more highly educated and have higher incomes than others in their society.

Is it any surprise that most terrorists tend to be Muslim and come from oppressive regimes?  Growing up in a theocratic police state surely causes frustration in a person.  After all, if you feel you have no power to change your circumstances, even if you are well educated and not poor, you might take desperate actions.

The key is not in giving huge dollar amounts to Third World countries but towards pushing for freedom in all corners of the world… spreading democracy.  Corrupt leaders do not like this idea (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Yemen, Sudan, etc…) but it is the only way to improve the world.

Liberals do not like thrusting their beliefs on dictators – only on Americans – but that is exactly what is required if groups like al Qaeda are to be quashed.

President Obama has shown, over and over, a reluctance to push any despotic regimes towards democracy or at least a more open, transparent societal model.  He has also shown, over and over again, a willingness to try and strip the tools American intelligence and law enforcement agencies need in order to keep this country safe.  Instead, President Obama finds it easier to blame everything on George Bush.

Obama still has time to turn things around but, thus far, the signals he has sent out are only finding encouragement among America’s enemies.

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  1. The BoBo September 2, 2010 at 12:26 PM -

    Yeah..I guess it keeps escaping them that Osama Bin Laden was/is a multi-millionaire at the time he blew up NYC. Several of the suicide bombers in England were either physicians or students in expensive schools. Many of the financial backers have proven to be royals, millionaires or both or highly educated professors around the world.

    Just crazy that there are enough idiots out there that believe the lib lies rather than search to find the truth for themselves.
    The BoBo recently posted..Now it is illegal to NOT hire illegals!

  2. Matt September 2, 2010 at 6:04 PM -

    That’s the classic leftist stance, convert any issue to class and/or racial struggle. Of course, that precludes reality.