Democrats Are Ruining America

Posted on Dec 8 2009 - 6:00am by Harrison
Life under Democrats

Life under Democrats

According to the latest Gallup opinion poll, President Obama’s popularity has slipped to just 47%.  Interestingly enough, Obama’s popularity among Independent voters is just 42% (it’s 83% among Democrats).  President Obama promised the world to everybody when he was running for president and, it seems, when you promise the world there’s bound to be a lot of rejection when you can’t deliver.

The astounding costs of all of the proposals that the Democrats are making regarding the largest areas of the American economy are surely a large contributing factor towards the president’s slipping favorable views.  Obama and his party seek to re-make the United States using a breathtakingly large number of taxes.  For example, the Wall Street Journal reports that Harry Reid’s version of Obamakare will add $371.9 billion in new taxes.  In fact, the Congressional Budget Office found that under the healthcare bill moving through the Senate, family policies are expected to rise in cost by 10% to $15,200.00.  From where is this money going to come?

The Democratic “stimulus” program which became law earlier in 2009 has, according to a recent study by Reuters, cost $246,436.00 per job (based upon $157.8 billion that’s been awarded thus far)!  To put this in perspective, with the average salaried worker making just under $60,000.00 per year, that same money would have “bought” 2.6 million jobs!

Climategate is now over two weeks old and all we hear from Democrats and the Obama administration is denial.  The EPA is going to soon regulate (and thus tax) CO2 and they think the scandal over emails is nothing important.  President Obama continues on to Denmark (while picking up his Nobel Peace Prize) and, because he cannot sign a treaty, he will instead pledge specific targets the U.S. will try and meet to cut CO2 emissions despite the fact that the science is far from settled.  It is estimated that Cap and Trade will cost Americans between $100 and $200 billion per year.

Then we have the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who is looking for more money to waste on “stimulus” for America.  She is seeking a transactional tax on stock trades and other financial services which, she says, will produce $150 billion in taxes.

All of this money, which the Democratic government will collect, will be distributed as they see fit.  We have already seen numerous incidents of fraud regarding the “stimulus” from earlier this year not to mention all of the pork our elected officials have shoveled into government bills resulting in tens of billions of dollars of waste going to pet projects that really benefit nobody.

All of this spending (none of it on important things such as energy exploration/creation, small business relief, taxpayer relief, and expense cutting) has blown the deficit out to a record $1.4 trillion (versus the previous record of $459 billion for 2008).  There is no sign of the deficit decreasing for the foreseeable future, either.  Our spending problems have already caused tensions with the Communist Chinese who now are our bankers and control our financial lifeline to more borrowing.

Need I remind anybody that we are also in the middle of a recession.  Raising taxes, especially the massive re-shaping of the economy the Democrats are trying to do, will destroy this country.  It is only a matter of time before oil prices reach all time highs and Americans are again under pressure to cut spending.  With all of these new taxes on the horizon businesses are afraid to hire for they do not know what the future holds.  They are also afraid to make capital improvements by ordering new equipment or by advertising or expanding.  All of this thanks to the fiscal uncertainty the Democrats have created with the message of Big Government.

Now is truly the time of our discontents and the Democrats are ruining America.

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  1. burro December 9, 2009 at 7:13 AM -

    Another tax on the capital markets? That ought to create some jobs.
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