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Global Cooling?


August 10, 2009

The July 2009 temperature for the contiguous United States was below the long-term average, based on records going back to 1895, according to a preliminary analysis by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.

The average July temperature of 73.5 degrees F was 0.8 degrees F below the 20th century average. Precipitation across the contiguous United States in July averaged 2.90 inches, which is 0.14 inches above the 1901-2000 average.

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  1. More evidence that global warming is a farce! Will the crazy environmentalists listen? No, they’ll just say that pollution is causing global cooling and we need to cap carbon emissions before we cause another ice age.
    .-= Forgotten Liberty´s last blog ..Ronald Reagan, Thoughts on America and Socialized Medicine =-.

  2. Hans says:

    Since when is it a world wide proof if the USA show some cooling?
    If the sun rises and sets only in the USA….yeah, there are still yanks who thinks that…)))
    .-= Hans´s last blog ..About the ‘death panels’ remarks by Sarah Palin =-.

  3. jd says:

    cap’n trade is defeated in australia for the right reasons:

  4. Roger says:

    Global warming itself is a bad name. I mean, the fact is that there is both cooling and warming going on with the planet. They’ll say that the global temperature is getting higher -which is true- but there’s areas that are getting cooler too.

    The fact is that the basic idea of global warming is like boiling a pot of water. The water will never exceed 100 degrees, but the water will get violent as hell. Which means that the earth isn’t necessarily getting colder/warmer, but our weather will become more violent. And the earth IS a gigantic pot of water with the atmosphere becoming harder for heat to escape.
    .-= Roger´s last blog ..Government vs Private =-.

  5. Harrison says:

    You know better than to ask an absolutist question like that! Sure, mankind makes a lot of changes on Earth… but does he affect the weather worldwide? I think not.

  6. If one month of cooler than average temperatures proves that the earth is cooling, then will another month of warmer than average temperatures prove that it is warming? Surely you realize that one month’s worth of data, or even several years’ worth of data, do not tell us very much. You need to look at something more like this:
    .-= Joe Markowitz´s last blog ..Hope in Burma? =-.