Kalifornia’s Stupid Gun Law

Posted on Mar 18 2009 - 7:00am by Harrison

Being a firearms enthusiast and a California resident can be difficult to reconcile.  As I wrote in an earlier post concerning handguns in California, there are some stupid laws here.  A long time ago California used to be a free state where personal responsibility played a key role in the daily life of its citizens.  Since that time, it seems, Democratic legislators have instead tried to make it as difficult as possible for people to own firearms, which is surprising because in states like Florida and Texas, where it is actually possible to obtain a concealed carry permit, murders have dropped while in California, where these permits are not readily obtainable, murders rates are high.

Out of the many stupid gun laws in California one which I personally “like” is the issue of having a pistol grip on a rifle.  Pistol rifle grips are found in most of the rifles used by military forces around the world including the United States.  This is a picture of a typical rifle with a pistol grip:

An AK-47 with a pistol grip.

An AK-47 with a pistol grip.

The rifle pictured above is legal in California, but, because it has a pistol grip it cannot have a removable magazine (try and figure out the logic of that one).  To get around this rule, a “bullet button” or a “mag lock” must be installed.  What are these strange devices?  Essentially, the pistol gripped rifle is modified so that the only way to remove the magazine is to use a “tool” which does not attach to the rifle.  Usually this means a simple piece of metal that fits into where the rifle’s magazine release should be and thus releases the magazine.  With this bullet button or mag lock installed the pistol gripped rifle is now considered to be California legal!

This ingeniously stupid Liberal “feel good” device is supposed to make us all feel safer because, of course, if you have to use one of these your pistol gripped rifle will no longer be capable of killing anybody.  Oh, wait a minute, it doesn’t really do anything except inconvenience its owner because someone intent upon murder will not install one on their rifle!

A way to get around this dilemma is to remove the pistol grip from your rifle and install a “Monster Man Grip.”  A Monster Man Grip is the gun owner’s response to Liberal stupidity and, if installed on a rifle negates the need for a mag lock or a bullet button but, of course, it destroys the ergonomics of the rifle itself.  Below is a picture of a similar AK-47 as pictured above but with the Monster Man Grip installed:

An AK-47 with the Monster Man Grip.

An AK-47 with the Monster Man Grip.

The rifle pictured above, which has the exact same functionality and lethality as the first rifle is now judged to be California legal.  The only difference between the two rifles is that it is now more difficult to hold but you can release the magazine without the mag lock or bullet button.  This is absolute stupidity because both rifles are just as deadly and, again, a criminal intent upon killing somebody won’t care whether the rifle is more difficult to hold or not or whether their firearm is legal in California!

The issues surrounding rifles with pistol grips, Monster Man Grips, bullet buttons, mag locks, and silly Liberals in Sacramento passing firearms legislation are all intertwined and go to show how when Democrats try to pass laws surrounding guns all they really do is get a feel good law and 1,000 loopholes around it meanwhile legal gun owners get inconvenienced at the least and our 2nd Amendment rights trampled on in the worst case scenario.

The problem we have in California, and in the United States in general seems to be the lack of personal responsibility by citizens and the government’s willingness to attempt to compensate for it by passing stupid laws that really serve no purpose.

Even the Russians realize how stupid California gun laws are and they decided to work around it (another loophole!) by modifying the AK-47s pictured above into what they call a Saiga:


The Russian made Saiga rifle.

The rifle pictured above does not have the “evil” pistol grip on it even though it is, mechanically speaking, 95% similar to the first two rifles pictured above.  This configuration is called a “hunting rifle” and is legal where “assault rifles” are not.  To make matters even more amusing, Liberals in California attempted to ban this rifle because it is based on the “evil” AK-47.  There are three companies that import these rifles into the United States but only two of them are listed as being banned because the third was not importing Saigas when the law was written so if you can find a Saiga imported by the Russian American Armory then you can register it in California!

I leave it to you to ponder how stupid these laws are and how stupid Democrats and Liberals in California must be to pass all of these laws that, in the end, do nothing but make it tougher for us to legally own the rifle we want.

Lastly, a criminal will have zero regard for the law and will do what they damn well please, pistol grip or laws included.

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  1. admin March 18, 2009 at 10:04 AM -

    Thank you for your response.

    • Alfred September 5, 2011 at 8:50 PM -

      Although I am only a mere 15 years old I am furious at how liberals try to find new ways to make our state “safer”. The police aren’t going to be there 24/7 when some home invaders try to rape your wife and kids. I don’t want to hide from that while a couple of officers “handle” the problem. I would personally deal with this situation with a .223 or .308 without having to try to look for something to release my mag. Or hide under my bed. Thanks for this article

  2. Politicus March 18, 2009 at 10:52 AM -

    Its not just a liberal stupidity, but stupidity at large.

    The pistol grip/removable magazine combination law is a case in point. Some ignorant “do gooder” tried to ban the existing military-type weapons, without really knowing much about them.

    How about the general “assault weapons” definition which made it through Congress umpteen years ago? What they DID forget to include were knives, hammers, crowbars, axes, shovels and so forth :) How about nail guns, drills, snow blowers and cars?

    • admin March 18, 2009 at 4:10 PM -

      England banned guns then they banned pointy knives. Seriously. Liberals think with their hearts. Hearts were only designed to move blood, not make decisions that’s why so many Liberal laws are stupid when you examine them.

  3. Smellerbee March 18, 2009 at 11:57 AM -

    Here’s a better idea, pass better laws. You odn’t need a hunting rifle that fires 7.62. And if you do then you can get a bolt action instead of a full auto or easily tampered with semi-auto.

    And no, of course the criminal doesn’t care but the laws are designed to making getting a gun harder for a criminal. Those guns aren’t manufactured on the streets. They have to be bought legally and then resold to criminals or stolen in some cases.

    Plus passing gun laws means that if you see someone with a handgun you can ask to see their license and if you find prohibited guns on them or in their property you can increase the charges against them. Gun laws aren’t about stopping all gun crimes, it’s one part of preventing crime.

    Of course I agree that millions of little loopholes (thank you NRA) don’t do anyone any good.

    • admin March 18, 2009 at 4:00 PM -

      It is known as “the right to bear arms” not “the right to bear those arms some people deem suited to hunting.” It is the same thinking that would tell somebody they don’t need a V8, V10, or V12 engine. I’m not so sure when you would “see someone with a handgun” for chances are if the police saw them they would be committing a crime as responsible, legally owning handgunners know to carry concealed.

      Though I may disagree with the NRA on some points, I am a proud member.

      And 7.62×39 is an excellent hunting and self defense round (most deer hunting and larger rounds are far more powerful than the AK round by the way) as is 7.62x54R (similar to the .308 Winchester).

      Thank you for your comments.

    • I hate liberals March 5, 2012 at 12:31 PM -

      If gun laws are just to “prevent” one part of gun crime why the f**k are there sooo many stupid gun laws? If a stupid gun law is obiously not doing any good then why is it are still a law? That’s the problem with liberal douche bags is you people don’t want to admit they’re wrong so they act stuborn and create more dumb laws. You are a jackass my good sir and thank you NRA for helping real Americans get the gun and justice they deserve.

  4. barra March 18, 2009 at 6:50 PM -

    gunbans every result in high crime, look at other western first world english speaking countries as examples: assualt, rape, murder, buglary and others all go UP, some by alarming percentages

    but we all know thew that right?!?!
    there is a bigger picture, and as much as we like to think so, the democrats in power are not stupid (only their agenda is). Their goal is a very persistent brain washing program, all the uninformed voters out there hear is ‘gun issue, gun issue, gun issue’ they don’t dig deeper to see the stupidity, they just hear about more and more issues. so when it comes to time to vote they likely side with those raising these ‘issues’ than those trying to refute them.

    DO NOT let it happen to you America – FIGHT for your rights
    If they can they WILL implement these restrictions

    As an Australian let me assure you that other countries are looking at this with as much concern as you 2nd ammendment supporters do. what happens for the worse in the USA on these gun rights issues will hurt our chances over ever relaxing our seemingly “democratic authoritarian” government’s rules when it comes to personal defense and the right to bear arms.

    • admin March 18, 2009 at 7:38 PM -

      Well put and thank you for your comments. Now that anti-gunners have taken the route of the court system they might end up finding a less friendly face. If someone breaks into my house I, for one, do not want to be hiding in the closet hoping the police find me before the robber does.

  5. Greg February 19, 2012 at 4:39 PM -

    Too Many Liberals in this once great state for sure.