They Are Serious, What Are We?

Posted on Feb 13 2009 - 7:35am by Harrison

It seems as though the Democrats got very “upset” about waterboarding (even though it only happened three times) and other forms of “torture” like sleep deprivation or exposure to cold.  One thing that always seems to go unmentioned by the Democrats is what real torture is.  Let’s take Piotr Stanczak as an example.  This poor gentleman was captured by Islamic militants and beheaded on camera.

Piotr Stanczak moments before he was beheaded

In the real world, this is the face of torture, the reality of the “war against terror” and something the Democrats don’t seem to want to confront in their lofty speeches of the U.S. “leading by example.”

As distasteful as many Americans find it, sometimes saying please doesn’t yield the necessary information and since our enemies are prepared to not only really torture but to maim and murder to achieve their goals, I fail to see how “name, rank, and Jihad number” is going to cut it.

One thing many seem to miss is that the hallowed Geneva Conventions do not apply to these terrorists nor do they abide by the conventions themselves.  The enemy we are fighting exploits this weakness in Western countries for their own benefit.  They blow up cars, trains, fly airplanes into buildings, blow up ships, capture innocent people and exploit them.  Because they do not “play by the rules” they will always have advantages that we do not have, which is partly why they are savages and we should not descend to their level.  While we should all be thankful that our country (and the West in general) is such that beheadings do not occur, we do need to be mindful that in our contacts with some societies this is seen as a legitimate form of furthing one’s agenda and should apply reasonable techniques in attempting to extract information from them if it will save innocent lives.

So much of the hype made by the Democrats about the “torture” that was approved by the former administration of George W. Bush made this country look soft and, in the end, it was all hollow talk as the Wall Street Journal has shown by President Obama’s having come out against “torture” while leaving the door open to the same conduct under which the former Bush Administration operated.

When will the Democrats wake up and recognize that there are some enemies out there with whom you can’t negotiate or placate or be nice to but instead must only be met with force?  Unfortunately, Piotr Stanczak wasn’t the first captive to meet his horrible fate and he won’t be the last.  How long will Democrats remain in their ivory towers, turning a blind eye to reality for political purposes?

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  1. Smellerbee February 18, 2009 at 1:29 PM -

    Obviously you don’t go to many democrat websites then. 😉 It’s a strawman to say that democrats want to say please and ignore the torture done by terrorists.

    The point of the lofty speeches against people advocating torture and secret prisons is that: Fighting evil with evil never produces good.

    • admin February 18, 2009 at 5:13 PM -

      I appreciate your comment. I never discussed secret prisons I merely pointed out that while Democrats decried the “torture” issue the fact is Obama signed an Executive Order that left the door open for his administration to use those techniques if the situation warranted it… pretty much what Bush’s position on the matter was.